3 Important Things To Know About Gas Leaks With Appliances

There are a number of reasons to call an emergency plumber, but one of the most critical times is when you have a gas leak with one of your appliances. If you smell gas near your stove or dryer, you should immediately call a plumber to come fix the problem. This is typically relatively easy to fix, but it could be dangerous if left unrepaired.

How To Detect A Gas Leak

The most common way you can detect a gas leak from an appliance is through smell. Manufacturers of natural gas add an ingredient to the gas for this purpose. This ingredient is called mercaptan, and it has a very recognizable smell. While it is a harmless ingredient, it is vital for identifying natural gas, because natural gas is otherwise odorless.

If you smell gas in your home and believe it is coming from an appliance, you could pull the appliance away from the wall to look for the gas shut-off valve. If you can find this valve, you can turn it to the off position. This will stop any additional gas from leaking into your home. If you cannot shut it off, you should open the windows to let the gas escape, and you should leave your house because gas is explosive.

How Plumbers Find Leaks

Generally, appliances leak gas through the connections used to hook the appliances to the gas lines. This is the first place a plumber will check when called out to fix a gas leak. If there is a leak with this connection, the plumber can usually tell from the hissing sound it makes. If the leak is not in this particular connection, it could be anywhere else in the line.

The plumber will have to fully examine the gas line and the appliance to determine the exact location of the leak, and this will direct the plumber to the correct repairs needed.

Steps That Might Be Required To Fix The Problem

Depending on where the problem is, there are a number of different steps that might be needed to make this repair, including:

  • Shutting off main gas valve to house – Your house should have a valve that controls all incoming gas. There are times when plumbers must shut off the main valves to make the repairs.
  • Lighting all pilot lights – If the main gas valve must be turned off, all pilot lights in the home must be relit.
  • Replacing fittings or gas line – This will depend on where the leak is, but by the time the plumber leaves, the gas leak will be fixed.

Having a gas leak in your home is unsafe and hazardous. If this happens to you, call a plumber that offers emergency repairs like Fast Service Plumbing & Gas Fitting so you can get the problem fixed right away.