Preparing Your Home for the Winter to Come

It's never too early to start preparing for the next major temperature shift, and getting ready for winter is no different. Before the first cold snap hits it's a good idea to address a number of maintenance issues, as well as any repairs or upgrades for your HVAC. Depending on your home, there may be some other preparations to consider as well.

Winter Preparations for Early Fall

By the time warmer days have begun to come less frequently you'll want to begin planning for some of your major to-do list tasks. An HVAC inspection, as well as cleaning and performing basic maintenance on your HVAC system should be high on your priorities. Make sure heating elements are clean, Freon is filled, and ventilation ducts are clear of debris, dust, and blockages.

Scheduling your winter preparations early will help to ensure that you stand the best possible chance of getting any repairs completed long before the frost starts forming. You might not need your furnace to start blowing heat until late October or mid November, but the last thing you want is to be waiting on a contractor until December. Also be aware that the closer you get to the beginning of winter the harder it will become to schedule a repair call, so it's better to avoid that risk altogether.

Winter Readiness for Late Fall and Early Winter

By seeing to the needs of your HVAC early on you'll buy yourself several extra weeks to complete other preparations essential for maximizing the efficiency of your furnace. The most important of these is sealing any gaps, cracks, or drafts around your windows and doors. This will ensure that the heat your furnace is making doesn't get wasted on your yard.

Address gaps around the outer edge of window and door frames with spray foam, which will expand within the wall void to form an effective thermal barrier, as well as blocking moisture. Make sure that doors and windows are sealing properly when closed, and repair or replace any weather stripping. You can also invest a few dollars in plastic sheeting, double-sided tape, and a blow drier to further insulate around windows.

Being ready for winter means ensuring that all the systems, materials and home improvements you need to keep your home warm are in place before the freezing temperatures hit. A good HVAC contractor like G K Mechanical (1997) Ltd is a great first step, and many will be able to help you identify areas of heat loss in addition to making sure your furnace is in good shape.