Seemingly Weird Plumbing Problems And Their Solutions

One of the biggest mysteries is your home's plumbing systems. You can face so many different strange plumbing problems or scenarios that may seem completely illogical and just plain weird to you. However, generally speaking, there are usually straightforward explanations for even the strangest situations. Get to know a few of these seemingly weird plumbing problems and their solutions to help you better handle your home's plumbing.

When You Run Your Dishwasher, Water Fills Up In The Sinks

One of the plumbing problems that many people face in their homes is a mysterious situation in which they run one appliance that uses water (generally a dishwasher or a washing machine) and other plumbing fixtures like sinks, the bathtub, and toilets seem to fill with water. Sometimes this water may even overflow or seem to come up from underneath the running appliance as well.

Many people assume that there are issues with the pipes in their home causing this, like the drain is somehow flowing into other fixtures instead of out of the house. And other people may brush it off as a coincidence, clean up the water, and go on with their day hoping it doesn't happen again. However, there is a simple explanation for such as strange problem.

The main sewer line running from your home to the waste disposal sewers of your city likely has a partial clog. A plumber can come out to your home and check your sewer line for clogs as well as removing any that they find. This involves specialized snake tools and cameras to find the clog and may require digging to get to your sewer line if the clog is too far down the line. This problem should be addressed right away so that you do not end up with a complete clog and a flooded home.

Your Toilet Suddenly Stops Flushing or Clogs Repeatedly

If you are having trouble with your toilet not flushing or clogging repeatedly, you may wonder why this problem happens sometimes, seems to be resolved with a plunger, and then starts up again. These repeated though not constant problems likely have to do more with human error than plumbing problems.

The first thing to do if you have children (especially young children around toddler age or a little older), is to find out if they are flushing anything down the toilet they shouldn't. Small children are notorious for trying to flush all types of objects down the toilet that they shouldn't like toys, paper cups, diapers and baby wipes among numerous others.

Do your best to find out if this is what is happening in your home. Having a plumber snake the toilet drain can also help you determine if there are objects or clogs in the toilet that should not be there. It is also important to note that most toilet plumbing is only designed to handle toilet paper as waste. Other paper products like paper towels and wet wipes can cause clogs as can condoms, feminine products, and the like. These items may flush sometimes but can cause clogs, especially with older plumbing.

Now that you know a few of the seemingly weird plumbing problems you may experience in your house and their potential solutions, you can better handle your plumbing maintenance and keep your home up and running as well as possible. 

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