Meeting Your Match: Choosing The Right Plumber

You may be searching for the plumber of your dreams: the kind of plumber who responds quickly to your emergencies, charges a fair rate, and gives you free advice. What you are really looking for is the type of guy or girl you'd like to date. In fact, some people suggest marrying a plumber. Although you don't need to take that drastic of a step, you should look for the following qualities when you hire a plumbing professional.


A good plumber respects you and your home. They will arrive on time or call if they are delayed. They will be careful not to track dirt and grease onto your carpets, and they will also speak to you courteously. Once they've completed their work, they will clean up after themselves. If you have concerns, they will be happy to listen to them and explain their point of view. In fact, they will treat you as they would someone they were dating but without the romantic aspect.


Your plumber should be able to give you an impressive list of references, ones you can easily check. You should phone a few of these references to find out if you and the plumber are going to be a good fit. When you are dating someone, you may wish you could have a long chat with their ex just to make sure your new companion is trustworthy. Although that action might be considered odd, calling up the people in the plumber's professional past is encouraged.


Okay, you cannot get a warranty on your relationships, but wouldn't it be great if you could? Your plumber should stand behind their work. If your repaired toilet begins to leak again, your plumber should be happy to come and take care of the problem. You need to know that the parts and the labor are covered when you have the plumber install or repair something in your home. You also need to know the length of that warranty. Unlike the dating world, the plumbing industry should provide you with some guarantees.

Searching for the perfect plumber may not be a romantic endeavor, but it does have some resemblance to dating concerns. Finding your dream plumber means searching for someone who respects you and can give you excellent references. You also need someone who guarantees their work. If you find the right person, you and your plumber will have a long and happy journey together.