Signs That Your Hot Water Heater May Need To Be Replaced

The hot water heater in your home is one of the more commonly overlooked items, but it gets noticed very quickly if it stops working. Because people often never give it a thought, there may have been signs that it was failing that went unnoticed for a long time. Taking the time to do a quick inspection of the water heater may save you from a failure that could have been avoided.  

The Primary Function of The Hot Water Heater  

Most people understand that the hot water heater provides hot water for their home, but how it works is sometimes a mystery. The hot water heater consists of a tank, one or two heating elements, and insulated case. There is an electric thermostat on the tank that controls the heating elements as well. While it is designed to heat water for your home, it also maintains the water temperature in the tank, repeatedly turning the heating elements on and off, so the water is ready when you need it.  

Signs Of Trouble  

There are ways to tell when something is happening with your hot water heater but you have to check it regularly or you may not know anything is going on. Some of the obvious problems involve the water itself. If the water is cold or lukewarm, the controller may not be cycling the heating elements when it is supposed to or the heating element could be failing. If you see water on the floor near or under the hot water heater, it can be a sign that the tank is leaking and needs to be replaced. Since most heater can not be serviced, the entire unit must be replaced if the tank fails.  

Who To Call For Repair  

The question of who to call is a good one. The hot water heater is serviced by a plumber. If you suspect there is a problem, the plumber can come out and check the entire unit for you. They will check the elements, the controller, the fittings, the pressure relief valve, and the tank integrity. If there is a problem, the plumber will know whether it can be fixed or if the entire tank needs to be replaced. In some cases, they may recommend a bigger unit for the home or offer you some alternatives to the standard hot water heater that you are currently using. Whole house heating and hot water are one option as is a green solution like solar hot water. Start with getting the plumber on site so you can determine what needs to be done and just how extreme you want the solution to be.  

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