Old In One Tool Box: 4 Tips For A Simple Do-It-All DIY Plumbing Repair Kit

There are many home repairs that you need to do around your home. Plumbing problems can be some of the most annoying. Sometimes, you may need to have a plumber help you, but there are also many repairs that you can do yourself; if you have the right tools and materials in your tool box. Here are a few tips to help you put together a do-it-all toolkit together for all the plumbing repairs you are going to need in your home:

1. Sealing Tapes and Silicone Are Your Best Friends to Fix Plumbing Leaks

The tape that seals between the threads of fittings can sometimes become worn and leak. Having the plumbing tape to seal threads is handy to be able to fix a leaking fitting on a toilet, beneath the kitchen sink or for other areas of plumbing that have threaded fitting that are sealed with a special Teflon pipe tape. Silicone is another essential addition to the tool kit to temporary seal small leaks or replace worn caulking. In addition, invest in a kit of rubber seals and gaskets for common household plumbing systems.

2. The Most Common Fittings, Adaptors and Plumbing Parts for Your Repairs

Common fittings, adaptors and pipes are needed for everyday plumbing repairs and projects. If you want to add an icemaker and water dispenser to the kitchen, you will need to have wrenches, pipe cutters and the fittings to attach the new component. In addition, make sure that you have the most common pipe fittings and adaptors for the type of water lines that are installed in your home. To make repairs to dispensers and other small plumbing lines, include various sizes of clear rubber tubing and clamps in your tool kit.

3. The Do-It-All Pipe and Plumbing Tools That Are Essential for Your Toolbox

In your plumbing repair toolkit, make sure you have the most basic tools, such as a good pipe cutter, various adjustable wrenches and a good set of screwdrivers. In addition, you will want to have PVC adhesive kits, soldering torch and clamps for plastic plumbing. If you have plastic plumbing in your home, you may also want to invest in crimping and clamping tools that are used to make connections with pipes.

These are a few tips that will help you create the ultimate DIY plumbing repair toolkit. If you need help getting parts and fittings for your plumbing needs, contact a plumbing materials service, like Do-It-Ur-Self Plumbing & Heating Supply, to get everything you need to complete your toolkit.