Possible Causes For Poor Water Pressure In Your Home

If you have started to notice that you are losing water pressure throughout your home, you will want to find out the cause so you can have it fixed a soon as possible. After all, low water pressure can make washing clothes and showering not as easy to do. Here are a few things that could be causing your water pressure to suddenly become reduced:

The Main Shut Off Valve Is Not Fully Opened

Your main shut off valve is most likely located near the water meter. Go out to it and fully turn it off. Then turn it all of the way back on. If the valve was partially closed, doing this will have resolved the issue. If that did the trick, but you are noticing that it is happening again in a few days or weeks, the valve itself may need to be replaced. You can have a skilled plumber do that for you in a short amount of time.

The Pressure Regulator Is Starting To Fail

Not all plumbing systems have a pressure regulator, but if yours does, you might want to see if it is starting to fail. The purpose of the regulator is to control how much water pressure goes through your pipes in an attempt to ensure that the pipes will not become damaged from excessive force. When the pressure regulator starts to malfunction, it can cause more or less water pressure. You may need to have a skilled plumber inspect this part for you in order to determine if it is starting to go bad.

The Pipes Throughout The Home Have Become Corroded

If the water pipes in your home are extremely old, there is a chance that the inside of them have been corroded. This means that your water is now going through much smaller openings, which will limit how much water can make it through your faucets at any given time. To determine if this is the problem, you will need to have a reputable plumber inspect the inside of the pipes with a micro camera. If this is indeed the problem, it will likely be suggested that your entire plumbing system will need to be replaced.

The sooner you get in touch with an experienced plumber, the sooner you will be able to enjoy proper water pressure throughout your home once again. The longer you wait to have the problem resolved, the worse it might get. Companies like Drainman The can help you with your water pressure issues.