6 Common Bad Habits Home Owners Have That Could Lead To Plumbing Damage

Experienced plumbers know that homeowners are often the cause of their own plumbing dilemmas. Homeowner behavior can also worsen pre-existing plumbing problems.

As a homeowner, you need to avoid common mistakes around the house that increase the chances that you'll have to deal with plumbing malfunctions. The following are six common bad habits homeowners have that could lead to damaged plumbing.

1. Using the toilet to throw things away

It's always important to have a trash can in the bathroom and to use it to dispose of waste. Disposing of trash by flushing it down the toilet can increase your risks of experiencing toilet clogs. 

If you don't have a trash can in your bathroom, guests to your home might resort to disposing of garbage in your trash can because they see no other option. Always have a trash can available in your bathroom to prevent issues. 

2. Not knowing how to shut off the water

One of the most important things you need to know as a homeowner to minimize damage when plumbing emergencies occur is how to shut off your main water valve. Shutting the water off when plumbing fixtures are overflowing can drastically decrease any resulting water damage.

If you don't know where your shut-off valve is, ask your plumber to show you the next time you have plumbing fixtures serviced.

3. Always using Drano to deal with clogs

Chemical drain cleaners can be very hard on your pipes and increase the chances that pipes will develop leaks and other malfunctions.

If you have frequent clogs in your drains, call in the plumber to find the root cause of the problem rather than repeatedly using a temporary fix like a drain cleaner. 

4. Attempting to solve major plumbing problems independently

You shouldn't attempt to fix complicated plumbing problems unless you have a lot of experience as a plumber. Homeowners often do more harm than good when they initially attempt to fix plumbing problems themselves. 

5. Putting drop-in fresheners into the toilet

Drop-in tank fresheners are not good for your toilet because they can contain harsh chemicals that damage the tank. Another problem with drop-in fresheners is that they disintegrate over time and could eventually clog your flush valve. 

6. Putting too much down the disposal at once

Don't overload your garbage disposal or it will be more likely to clog and malfunction. Pace yourself when disposing of items down your disposal and give your disposal time to clear out before you put more items down it. 

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