Is A Foul Odor Wafting Through Your New Mobile Home? Check For These 3 Causes Of Septic System Odors

Your new mobile home should be a relaxing oasis that you return to at the end of a long day. While you do your best to create a clean and comfortable environment indoors, you've recently noticed that a foul odor still persists. While some septic system odors are a normal part of the biological decomposition process, you should never smell them inside of your mobile home. Instead, foul indoor odors are typically a warning sign that one of these three problems needs attention to restore the proper functioning of the system.

1. A Dry P-Trap

The plumbing fixtures in your mobile home all have a p-trap that is designed to stop odors from flowing out of the septic system. If your mobile home has sat empty for awhile, then it is possible that the water in the trap has evaporated and allowed odors to begin to seep through the pipes. Try running water through the pipes to see if this eliminates the odor. If not, then there could be a more serious problem occurring within the system.

2. Disrupted Decomposition

Septic systems work through a biological process that uses enzymatic actions from bacteria to break down organic material such as human waste. While this process typically works the majority of the time, it is possible for it to be disrupted when matter that does not break down properly overloads the system. For instance, using toilet paper that is not designed for septic systems creates clogs that reduce the effectiveness of the bacteria. 

Alternatively, pouring heavy cleaning products such as bleach down the drain can kill off the bacteria that is necessary for decomposition. If you suspect that this is the source of your problem, then a clean out service helps to remove debris and replenish bacteria back to the appropriate levels.

3. An Improperly-Sized Tank

When a septic system is installed, careful calculations must be made to make sure that it is the right size for the number of bathrooms on the home as well as the expected amount of use. Unfortunately, a system that was once the right size may no longer fit your mobile home if a room is added or you have more people using the system than the previous owners. If you find that you must arrange for septic system services such as pumping more often than normal to eliminate indoor odors, then you may need to consider installing a larger tank.

Septic odors are more than just a nuisance since they tend to signify a serious problem with the system. Now that you know the most common causes of foul odors from your system, you can initiate the process of getting the appropriate repair performed so that you feel comfortable in your mobile home.

For more information, contact your local septic systems service.