Avoid A Water Main Break During Your Home Renovation

Home renovations are massive undertakings. While the goal is to enhance and upgrade, sometimes the process also results in damage. Sometimes, water main breaks and home renovations go hand-in-hand, but this does not have to be the case in your situation. There are several things you can do to protect your water main no matter how massive of a home renovation you are taking on; here are some of them.

Rely on a Professional

Professionals aren't just great at getting the job done fast, but they also do a great job at doing the job the right way. When possible, rely on a professional for your home renovation needs. A licensed contractor understands the risk of a water main break and also recognizes how to avoid them. 

You can walk away from the renovation error-free, and with much less stress than doing the job on your own. Additionally, if the contractor does cause any damage, the company will be responsible for the repair cost, not you. 

Dig With Care

There is somewhat of a common belief that water mains are buried deep within the ground. However, water mains are not quite as deep in the soil as many people think. If you have no idea where you're digging, you could quickly reach a line and cause serious damage. 

Before you dig, make sure you have verified all utility placement first. If you don't know this information, contact your local utility office for further instruction. In some jurisdictions, if you dig without proper utility permitting, you could even face a fine.

Quickly Respond to Water Flow Issues

Water main breaks don't always start off big. In some instances, the area of damage is small, and the main break gets worse with time. However, one early warning is pressure issues in your home. For example, if you turn on the shower and the water is more like a trickle, and then you turn on the faucet downstairs and have the same problem, this is a cause for concern. 

You may have accidentally hit the line during your work and have caused a leak. If you head outside, you might even see areas of water erosion. If so, make sure you contact a professional right away, as it's only a matter of time before there is a major break. 

When it comes to a water main break, swift action is key to minimizing the level of damage. If you notice any warning signs, make sure you contact a water main repair specialist as soon as possible to avoid damage.