Cleaning A Clog From Your Washing Machine Drain Line And Prevention Tips

The drain line attached to your washing machine can clog over time and even smell. This is because there is a lot of lint and hair going down into that drain along with water and soap. All of these things can build up with usage from your washing machine. Don't wait until you're stuck with a clogged line. Some preventative maintenance can keep this from happening to you. Read on for preventative tips and what to do if you have a clog.

Preventing A Clog

You can do some things to prevent a clog in your washing machine drain line. A few of these things includes:

  • Washing smaller items in a laundry bag prevents them from getting washed down the drain. Small items such as children's socks, underwear, and even women's undergarments can all get stuck in the drain. A laundry bag or a lingerie bag not only protects your garments, it could prevent a clog as well.
  • Do not wash anything covered in oil, grease or anything else that may clog your drain. The oil and grease can cause your drains to clog. This is because grease can harden inside your drain line when it cools.
  • If you have pets, chances are you have pet hair being washed down your drain lines, which can cause a clog. Be sure to wipe out your washing machine after washing anything covered in pet hair to prevent any more hair being washed down the drain. 

How To Clear Out A Clog

If you end up with a clog in your washing machine drain line, you may notice water in your washing machine when it isn't in use. You may also notice a foul odor coming from your machine, which could indicate a clog in your drain. Clear a clog by:

  1. Turning the power off to your machine and disconnecting the hose connected to the machine and to the drain line.
  2. Inspect the hose for a clog. If it's clear, move on to the drain line. Use a snake in the drain line to check for clogs. If it's a close clog, a smaller snake should work fine. If the snake is not working, you can try to use a drain-clearing chemical or use natural ingredients to clear your drain—white vinegar and baking soda can help clear out a clog as well. Pour either of these into the drain line, and allow it to work its magic to clear the clog.
  3. Test your washing machine—after you attach the hose to the machine and to the drain line, turn the power back on to the machine. Be sure the water drains properly again.

The drains in your home require care and maintenance. If you have a clog that you aren't able to clear out, call a professional plumber for a drain cleaning.