Some Options The Contractor May Offer When Your Home Has A Damaged Sewer Line

Problems with your home's sewer line are serious. A clogged or cracked line causes sewage to back into your home or spill into your yard. A damaged sewer pipe is a problem that needs immediate repair. There are a few different ways to repair a sewer line, and they involve trench or trenchless options. Here is a look at your choices.

Repair The Line By Digging It Up

Sometimes, the best option is to dig up the old pipe. The contractor might run a pipe camera into the line first to determine the exact cause of the problem. Once that's known, then you can discuss the best way to repair the damage. If your sewer line is short and covered with only grass, then digging it up could be an option. Once the soil is removed and the pipe is exposed, then the damaged area can be repaired, or the pipe can be replaced entirely. The new pipe is then covered with soil, and the sod is replaced. Since this type of sewer line repair involves digging up your yard, it is not the best option if the pipe goes under a patio or expensive landscaping.

Fix The Problem With Trenchless Repairs

The contractor may determine that a trenchless repair option will work on your sewer line. The main advantage of this type of repair is that the old pipe doesn't have to be dug up. Another advantage of this type of repair is that the new pipe cures in place, so it is a continuous pipe that has no seams or gaps for tree roots to wiggle through. Trenchless repairs can be done by pulling a liner through the old pipe or by pulling a new pipe along the old pipe and bursting the old pipe as it goes. Trenchless repairs are less disruptive to your property, and they can usually be done much quicker too.

Deciding on the right method of repair could involve comparing the price of each technique and considering whether you mind having your yard disrupted. Also, the type of pipe problem could have a bearing on the type of repairs necessary, and you may have to choose the repair method the contractor thinks is best. Whether you have a problem with tree roots or soil shifting, a damaged sewer line can be repaired or replaced as needed so your property and your family isn't exposed to toxic waste that could spill onto your lawn or back up into your bathtub.

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