4 Septic Drain Field Maintenance Tips And Improvements To Prevent Costly Problems

Some of the costliest problems with septic systems start with your drain field, which is why you want to make sure you do the maintenance that is needed. Maintaining your drain field can help you avoid a lot of problems with your septic system. In addition, there are some improvements that you may also want to have done. Here are some septic system drain field maintenance tips and improvements to prevent costly problems form system failures:

1. Prevent Overburden and Soggy Lawns by Reducing Your Water Consumption

Overburden to septic systems is something that homeowners often do not think of, but it can lead to serious problems with your system. Reduce water consumption to prevent problems with the tank becoming overburdened with excess fluids. You may want to try grey water recycling to keep excess water out of the tank, or just try not to use appliances like washing machines and dishwashers excessively and consecutively.

2. Know the Location of Drain Field Lines to Prevent Accidentally Causing Collapses

One of the most common problems with drain field lines is an accidental collapse, which is usually caused by not knowing where they are and heavy loads causing damage. Locate your drain field and create some type of physical barrier to prevent problems like heavy loads being left on them, or even worse, cars or other vehicles driving over the septic system.

3. Improve the Performance of The Drain Field with The Addition of a Distribution Pump Tank

The problem with drain fields of older septic systems is often that there is the poor distribution of liquids. This can cause problems with the tank becoming overburdened when the drain field cannot handle the liquids and they go back to the tank. For better distribution of the effluent (liquid waste), have a distribution system installed with a pump that will ensure that the fluids get distributed to the drain field evenly and efficiently.

4. Drain Field Restoration, Replacements and Secondary Lines to Update Outdated Systems

If your septic system is outdated, the single drain field line can be a problem that causes issues with the septic tank and may become clogged frequently. When older materials collapse and cannot be restored, the drain field may need to be replaced. The problem may just be the solids have clogged the lines and they can be cleaned to restore your system. Sometimes, the problem is over saturated soils, which may require the installation of a new drain field in a different location, but you may want to keep the old one to reuse it when the soils recover.

You want to make sure that the maintenance for your septic drain field is always taken care of. In addition, there may be some of the improvements that you want to do for your septic drain field to prevent problems. Contact plumbing services, such as R Acres Plumbing Company LLC, for help with improvements, repairs, and maintenance to ensure you do not suffer from costly failures.