Sewer Troubleshooting Guide To Get To The Bottom Of Problems And Fix Your Pipes Before They Cause Damage To Your Home

If you are having problems with slow plumbing drains but cannot find clogs in your home, the problem is probably with the sewer pipes outside. There are many problems that you may need to get help with repairs for, such as clearing the blockage, replacing pipes or repairing sections of damaged sewer lines. The following troubleshooting guide will help you get to the bottom of sewer line problems and decide what repairs need to be done:

1. Clogged Lines Due to Buildup of Grime, Roots and Foreign Debris Getting in Sewer Lines

One of the issues that you may have to deal with that can easily be repaired is clogged sewer pipes. This can be due to problems like grime building up on the pipes, foreign objects and tree roots that block the pipes. Clearing the blockage will usually solve these problems as long as the clog or tree roots have not damaged the sewer pipes.

2. Problems with Main Connections to The Main Sewer Line That Cause Household Plumbing to Backup

The main connection that goes from your home to the main sewer system can sometimes fail and cause problems because the wastewater is not leaving the plumbing system. This can cause the sewer pipes from your home to back up and damage your home. To repair this problem, the main connection will need to be replaced and the sewer lateral line will need to be inspected and replaced if it is damaged too.

3. Old Failing Backflow Prevention Devices That Need to Be Replaced to Stop Plumbing Drain Problems

When you have lower plumbing installations in your home, the drains are protected with backflow prevention devices. These devices can also be installed to protect the main sewer lateral line from your home. These backflow prevention devices can wear out and lead to problems with your plumbing. If this is the cause of the problem, usually replacing or upgrading the backflow prevention devices will solve your plumbing problems.

4. Old and Outdated Sewer Pipe Materials That Are Failing and Need to Be Replaced to Stop Your Plumbing Problems

There are also old and outdated sewer pipe materials that may need to be replaced due to the materials collapsing and becoming blocked with debris. If the main sewer lateral line from your home is a pipe made of cast iron, asbestos or clay materials, it will need to be replaced to put an end to your plumbing drain problems.

These are some of the things you can do to troubleshoot problems with sewer lines and get to the bottom of problems that are stopping drains. If your sewer lines are old and failing, contact a sewer lateral replacement service to update the pipes and put an end to these problems.