Repairing Sewer Pipe Damage With Sewer Pipe Lining

Damage to the sewer line in your home can be costly and time-consuming to replace. Often, equipment is needed to excavate the pipe, and the process can tear up your yard and be very inconvenient. Sewer pipe lining may be an excellent alternative for you, and the procedure is much less invasive. 

Signs of Sewer Line Problems

Over time, sewer lines can develop cracks, leaks, or damage to the interior of the line that can affect the flow of water and material through the line. If the line is leaking, you may see wet spots in the yard or smell sewage where the gases are escaping the pipe and coming up through the ground. In some situations, the pipe will run slow, and things in the house will be slow to drain.

The traditional repair involved digging up the line and replacing it, but this method takes a lot of time and can be very expensive. Instead of replacing the entire sewer line, it might be better to have a sewer pipe lining service to evaluate the pipe and line it for you. 

Sewer Line Pipe Lining

Repairing a leaking or damaged pipe with sewer pipe lining offers you some advantages that replacing the line does not. The pipe does not need excavating to put the liner in the pipe because the liner is inserted through the cleanout or drain access in the system.

The sewer pipe lining contractor will clean the interior of the pipe first to ensure that the epoxy will stick to the pipe correctly, and a complete inspection of the interior with a camera is necessary to determine if the entire pipe needs coating or just one area.

Epoxy is applied to the interior of the sewer pipe, and the liner is pushed into place with a balloon that is inflated inside the liner. Once the epoxy cures inside the pipe, the liner and the epoxy bond to the pipe wall and create an extremely strong pipe within a pipe that will seal any leaks and last for fifty or more years.

The sewer pipe lining contractor will inspect the pipe with a camera after the liner is in place to ensure everything worked correctly and that any damage is covered. The epoxy needs to cure for four to twelve hours after the repair is made, but once it has hardened, the regular use of the sewer line can resume. 

The cost of sewer pipe lining can be expensive, but it is less costly in most situations than replacing the line and takes a lot less time.