3 Problems That Could Leave Your Bathroom Dirty

Does it feel like no matter how often you clean your bathroom, it is still dirty? If so, your habits in the bathroom might not be to blame. There could be a plumbing problem that is causing the issue. Learn about some of the dirt-causing effects plumbing problems can cause. 

1. Shower Rings 

A ring around the base of the shower is almost always an indication of a drain issue. Showers are designed for the water to instantly flow out the shower through the drain. However, when the drain that supports the shower is clogged, the rate at which the water flows out is slowed. 

As a result, all the dirt, oil, and soap scum you rinse from your body attaches to the pooled water at the base of the shower floor and causes a ring to form. The only way to correct this problem is to address the clog. Ideally, you should have the drains cleaned every few years to avoid this sort of problem.

2. Foul Odors

If you notice a foul odor in your bathroom that you cannot seem to scrub away, the scent you smell might not be coming from anywhere that your eyes can see. The odor could be the result of a backup. If your home operates on a septic tank, an overfilled tank can send bad-smelling gases through all the plumbing outlets in your home.

In houses that are not supported by septic systems, similar foul-smelling gases can travel though plumbing fixtures when the drains are in need of a thorough cleaning. Have a plumber come to inspect exactly where the smell is coming from.

3. Toilet Stains

Constant brown stains inside the toilet bowl could also be an indication of a problem. Sometimes, pipes rust with age. Over time, the rust starts to chip away and settle inside the pipes and other surfaces, including the toilet tank. 

Once inside the tank, the rust particles can turn the tank water brown, which means that the water that flows into the bowl can also be discolored. This problem is sometimes an indication that the pipes that support the toilet need to be replaced. If so, it is important to address the matter as a leak could soon form as the rust continues to spread.

If you suspect you have any of these issues in your home, it is a good idea to contact a plumber like one at Windy City Rooter Inc before the problem becomes an even bigger issue.