Signs Of A Failing Water Pressure Regulator

The water pressure regulator is an important part of your home's plumbing system. Not only does this regulator ensure continuous water delivery, but it also ensures that the delivery is safe for your family, as well as your home. When there is a problem with this regulator there is a lot that can go wrong, and it is important to have this valve repaired. Discover some of the signs that typically indicate the need for a repair.

Banging Noises

Pay attention to any banging noises you hear when you turn on the water inside your home. As its name suggests, this feature is intended to regulate the high-pressure water that comes in from the main supply line to ensure its pressure is reduced to a safe level. 

When the regulator fails, this process is not always performed, and as a result, the water may move throughout the plumbing system at a high-pressure rate. The powerful motion of the water is what causes this banging noise as it moves through the pipes. Failure to address the problem could mean significant damage to your plumbing system in addition to the failed regulator. 

Water Pressure Changes

Changes in the water pressure of your water delivery are also something you want to look out for. When the regulator is failing, the changes can sway in either direction. In terms of increased water pressure, similar to the example previously referenced, the water can flow through the pipes at a high-pressure rate and as a result, come out of the fixtures more forcibly.

However, a failure with the regulator can also cause a decrease in water pressure if it reduces the water pressure too much. One key thing to keep in mind about these changes is that they will be detectable all over your home, so if you notice these changes in the kitchen, bathroom, and every other space, you likely have a problem on your hands. 

Water Leaks

Pay attention to water leaks around your yard. Since the water pressure regulator is responsible for controlling the water that comes in from the main water supply, this feature is typically installed somewhere in the yard. 

Sometimes when it fails, as a result of it no longer being able to properly regulator the water pressure, water may start to leak and pool around the area. As the water level increases, it typically raises and becomes visible to the homeowner. If you have a random pool of water in your yard, you need to figure out what is going on.

If your water pressure regulator is displaying warning signs, speak with a plumbing professional as soon as possible to have the matter addressed.