Installing A Gas Line? Follow These Tips

Do you need to install a new gas line in your home? You may be moving your hot water heater to a new location or replacing your electric furnace with one powered by gas. Here are some tips to ensure that installing the gas line goes smoothly.

Use Pipe Joint Compound

It's very important that you use a pipe joint compound when putting together two sections of pipe with a fitting. The compound is going to act as a lubricant to let you secure the fitting onto the pipe much tighter than you would otherwise. This is important because the threads of gas pipes are actually tapered. This means that the fitting and pipe are going to form a tighter fit as the connection becomes tighter. 

Be aware that building codes where you live may not allow you to use Teflon tape for gas lines. The pipe joint compound is going to be messier, but it will produce a more secure connection.

Always Add A Gas Shut Off Valve

When tapping into the main gas line in your home, it is very important that you put a shut-off valve on that new run of pipe. You want the option to completely shut off the gas going to your appliance without having to shut off the gas to your entire home. This will be much appreciated if you need to make a repair to the appliance and disconnect it since it won't disrupt any other gas appliance in your home.

Know That You Can Over Tighten Fittings

It is possible to put a fitting on a gas pipe that is too tight. While you want the connection to be as tight as possible, you run the chance of cracking the fitting in the process. If this happens and you do not realize it until the end, you'll have to disassemble the entire gas line all the way to the cracked fitting in order to fix it. 

Sharpen Your Pipe Wrench

Not able to form a tight grip on the gas pipe when turning it? It may help to sharpen the edges of the pipe wrench so that it can form a better grip on the pipe itself. You'll find that the pipe wrench is able to turn the gas pipe much easier when it has some sharp edges on it.

Does it seem a bit too complicated to install a gas line on your own? Reach out to a local area plumber for their assistance with a gas line installation