This Is Why You Should Never Overlook a Leak Around the Base of the Toilet

When problems in the bathroom happen, people tend to either leap to get help or put it off. It usually depends on the seeming severity of the problem. For example, a toilet pouring over onto the floor that can't flush is definitely something most people would call a plumber for. But if you have a minor leak appearing around the base of the toilet, you might consider putting it off. You really shouldn't, though. Here's why.

Improper Seal

The problem that's going on with your toilet in this situation is likely that it's developed a seal problem. A seal is placed around the base of all toilets once they're connected to the plumbing underneath them to drain when flushed. This seal is designed to help keep in excess fluid and to channel it down the pipe, rather than out onto the floor. But like everything, this seal will eventually break down. This process can happen from simple time and exposure, or even from things like a toilet sliding around because it wasn't mounted properly.

Floor Damage

One of the biggest reasons why you shouldn't put off getting help for this kind of problem is because it's likely damaging your floor.

This kind of damage can happen regardless of the type of flooring that you have. For example, linoleum and tile are both at a risk here. That's because despite the surface level of your flooring possibly being immune or resistant to water damage, the surface underneath it isn't. The vast majority of floors are made out of wood, and this wood is likely being slowly saturated in a constant ooze of water coming from the toilet. In time, this will lead to wood rot and can cause the floor to completely collapse. This type of damage will require a serious investment, as the entire floor will likely need to be ripped out, replaced, and then resurfaced with tile, linoleum, or another flooring material.


Another good reason to get this problem addressed and fixed ASAP is that it's likely a risk to your health and your family. The water that's coming out of the toilet is not the same water that's flowing into the toilet tank. Rather, it's the water that's flowing out of the toilet after it's flushed. In other words, everything that goes down the toilet is slowly starting to ooze out onto the floor.

Needless to say, this means that this fluid is toxic and full of bacteria that can potentially be dangerous to your health just from coming into contact with it. Touching this stuff or walking through it can be hazardous and should be avoided at all costs. If you are noticing a leak around your toilet, get plumbing assistance as quickly as possible.