Five Benefits Of Annual Water Heater Service

An annual water heater service visit is a good investment. There are many benefits for maintaining your water heater, so you don't want to skip the yearly service call.

1. Less Noise

Hard water scale can build up on the inside walls of your hot water heater. When the scale gets thick, it cracks apart and falls off. The sound of the scale cracking and falling inside the tank is the cause behind the pops and clangs you sometimes hear when your water heater is refilling after you have used the water inside. During annual service, your technician will flush out the tank and remove the scale buildup. This means your water tank won't continue to make those loud noises.

2. Leak Prevention

Major leaks can cause even more major water damage to your home, but even small leaks can lead to issues. Having the heater flushed helps prevent the corrosion and damage that can lead to leaks. Further, an annual inspection will catch any issues, such as worn-out valves or loose connections, that could cause a leak to develop. Being proactive is the key to avoid water damage from the water heater.

3. Efficient Heating

If it seems like your water heater is taking longer than usual to heat the water or if it seems to run out of hot water more quickly than usual, you need an annual service visit. Running out of hot water quickly can be the result of clogged supply lines filling the tank too slowly or from reduced tank capacity due to scale buildup. Slow or inadequate heating can be the result of a failing heating element or a broken thermostat, both issues that can be repaired. 

4. Overflow Protection

There is always a risk that the pressure in a hot water tank will get too high and the tank will overflow. For this reason, there is an overflow valve on the top of every water heater tank. If the tank overheats and overflows, this valve releases the pressure. During an annual inspection, your service tech will verify that the valve is functioning. They will also check that the valve is properly hooked into a pipe that will route any overflow water to a drain or drip pan. 

5. Extended Lifespan

A new hot water heater is an investment, so you will want your current heater to have a long working lifespan. Annual inspections and maintenance, combined with timely repairs, extend the life of the water heater and saves you money in the long run. 

Contact a plumbing service in your area for more help with maintaining your water heater, and visit websites like to learn more.