What Causes Sewer Line Problems?

A functioning sewer line is essential to the health and safety of any home or business. Unfortunately, sewer lines can encounter a variety of problems over time, some of which can lead to backups, blockages, and unpleasant odors. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, it’s important to understand the common causes of sewer line problems and how to prevent them.

Tree Roots
Tree roots are one of the most common culprits of sewer line problems. They can grow into pipes, causing blockages or even breaking the pipes entirely. The roots are attracted to the moisture inside the pipes, and they can quickly cause damage. Homeowners can prevent this by being mindful of where they plant trees and shrubs. If you notice any signs of root intrusion, such as gurgling drains or slow drainage, it’s essential to call a professional to address the issue immediately.

Grease and Oil
While cooking grease and oil may seem harmless, they can cause significant damage to your sewer line. When you pour grease down the drain, it can solidify and stick to the walls of the pipes, causing blockages and clogs. Avoid pouring grease or oil down the sink or toilet. Instead, pour it into a container and dispose of it in the trash.

Flushing Inappropriate Materials
Many people flush inappropriate items down the toilet, including feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, paper towels, and more. These items can cause blockages, backups, and damage to your pipes. To avoid this, always dispose of these materials in the trash and only flush toilet paper down the toilet.

Aging Pipes
Over time, sewer pipes can deteriorate or become damaged, leading to leaks, cracks, and other issues. Older homes may have clay or cast iron sewer pipes, which are susceptible to corrosion and damage. If you suspect your pipes are aging or damaged, it’s important to have them inspected by a professional plumber.

Mechanical Damage
Finally, mechanical damage can also cause sewer line problems. This kind of damage can happen during construction or excavation, through accidental damage, or even from rodents or other animals. If you suspect mechanical damage has occurred to your sewer line, it’s important to have it inspected immediately.

Sewer line problems can be a major headache for homeowners and business owners, but they don’t have to be. By understanding the common causes of sewer line problems and taking proactive measures to prevent them, you can keep your pipes functioning properly for many years. I

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