3 Ideas For Making Updates With A Plumber To Your Rental Property

As the owner of a rental property, it's likely that you want to make regular updates so that it's going to be consistently desirable to any tenants you have. If you've noticed that the plumbing hasn't had any updates in a long time, it can be so useful to make a few changes with your tenants in mind so that you won't have issues renting it out. Before reaching out to a plumber for any work to be done, you need to see what kinds of updates they can make and what you want to look for when choosing projects. Read More 

3 Things To Know If Your Toilet Keeps Running

Do you have a toilet in your home that always seems to be running at times when it should not be? If so, this is not a problem you should just ignore. Instead, you should aim to find out for sure if it is continuously running, and if so, you should find a solution for the problem. Reasons a Running Toilet Is Not Good to Have When a toilet runs more than it should, even if it is not running all the time, it is a problem. Read More 

This Is Why You Should Never Put Off Having Your Heater Repaired

If your heater stops working in the middle of winter, it's bad news. You might be tempted to try and tough it out, especially if money is tight. However, this is a bad idea. There are a few different reasons why you could potentially have a bad situation on your hands if you don't call for heating repair. Here are two of them. Gas Inhalation Danger When gas heaters fail, it's typically due to a pilot light not lighting or not staying lit. Read More 

When Is A Leak An Emergency?

No one wants to find out that a pipe is leaking or that something's gone wrong with a faucet, sending water out of spots that it shouldn't be flowing out of. Usually you can turn off the shutoff valve to the fixture so no water is running out. But what if the valve is broken or the leak is in a place where you'd have to shut off the water to your whole home to stop it? Read More 

Don’t Make These Mistakes In A Plumbing Emergency

Some plumbing problems are minor, like a leaking faucet or a hot water heater that doesn't get the water as warm as you'd like anymore. Many other plumbing problems, however, are emergencies. For example,  when a pipe bursts and water is spewing all over the home or a toilet bursts and you're left with raw sewage flowing into the hallway. In cases like these, you need to keep calm and call an emergency plumbing service. Read More