Three Things To Do When A Tenant Reports Flooding

Most property owners dread maintenance calls, especially when a tenant calls in frantic because there is flooding in their unit. Whether it is flooding from an overflowing drain or from water seeping in from a unit above, quick action is needed to prevent extensive damage. 1. Determine the Likely Cause You can usually narrow down the most likely cause with a few questions over the phone. Knowing what is causing the flood helps determine what actions you need to take to minimize damage to the property and inconvenience to your tenants. Read More 

A Guide To High Water Heater Pressure

Pressure buildup in a water heater is never something to be ignored. If not repaired, your water heater becomes a ticking time bomb that could explode. If you notice the signs of pressure buildup, it's vital that you shut down the water heater until you can schedule an inspection and repair. Symptoms of Building Pressure The most obvious sign of overly high water pressure is that the pressure relief valve, located at the top of the tank, is regularly leaking water. Read More 

How Heating Elements Work In Your Water Heater And How Repairs Are Done When An Element Goes Bad

If you have an electric water heater that's not making enough hot water, or if you don't have any hot water at all, a faulty heating element could be to blame. Electric water heaters usually have two heating elements in them, and one or both can go bad. Here's a look at how the heating elements work, why they go bad, how to tell when a heating element goes bad, and how a plumbing contractor might make repairs. Read More 

Three Possible Reasons Why You Can’t Seem To Get Much Hot Water

When the hot water is completely out, most homeowners know that there's definitely a problem with the water heater. But what if you're able to get some hot water out of the pipes, but not much of it? If you're finding that it takes a long time to get hot water to come out of the pipes or that you're not able to get much of it before it runs out, then one of these three problems could be at fault. Read More 

3 Things To Know About Drain Cleaning

Dealing with blockages or clogs in drains is something that most homeowners will deal with at least a few times. While much of the time, all you need is a plunger, some blockages may be too stubborn to deal with on your own. If you have a blocked drain and cannot fix it, it's time to call in a plumber for professional drain cleaning services. Here are three things that you should know about drain cleaning. Read More