Water Heater Trouble 101: Things To Watch For

Water heaters are one of the less-frequently talked about home appliances, but they are also one of the most important. When your hot water heater is on the fritz, it can disrupt all sorts of tasks, from showers to washing dishes. For those homeowners who aren't familiar with common hot water tank issues, you may not fully recognize when you need water heater repair. Here's a look at what you need to know about some of the problems that you might encounter that necessitate the attention of a water heater repair technician. Read More 

Five Benefits Of Annual Water Heater Service

An annual water heater service visit is a good investment. There are many benefits for maintaining your water heater, so you don't want to skip the yearly service call. 1. Less Noise Hard water scale can build up on the inside walls of your hot water heater. When the scale gets thick, it cracks apart and falls off. The sound of the scale cracking and falling inside the tank is the cause behind the pops and clangs you sometimes hear when your water heater is refilling after you have used the water inside. Read More 

This Is Why You Should Never Overlook a Leak Around the Base of the Toilet

When problems in the bathroom happen, people tend to either leap to get help or put it off. It usually depends on the seeming severity of the problem. For example, a toilet pouring over onto the floor that can't flush is definitely something most people would call a plumber for. But if you have a minor leak appearing around the base of the toilet, you might consider putting it off. You really shouldn't, though. Read More 

From Beginning To End: 4 Ways Oil And Grease Will Destroy Your Septic System

If you have a new septic system, what you don't know could end up causing serious problems, especially where grease is concerned. You might have been told about some of the things that can destroy your septic system, such as flushing tampons down the toilet, or using your garbage disposal too much. But, you might not have been warned about grease and oil disposal. Unfortunately, grease and oil can destroy your septic system. Read More 

Ensure Your Plumbing Runs Properly This Holiday Season: 4 Tips

When you are having a lot of people at your home during the holidays, your bathroom is going to get a lot of use. During this time, you don't want to have to worry about having a plumbing issue that could really ruin your time with family and friends. Not to mention, the last thing you want to do is to have to snake a drain because it's not draining in the middle of your holiday celebration. Read More