About Hydro Jetting

Sometimes you will end up with a clog in your drain that is simple enough to fix. If the clog is in the sink, you use a sink plunger and if it's in the toilet, you use the larger plunger. With a few pumps, you can free up the clog and be done with it. However, this is when you are dealing with a small clog that's close to the surface. Read More 

3 Problems That Could Leave Your Bathroom Dirty

Does it feel like no matter how often you clean your bathroom, it is still dirty? If so, your habits in the bathroom might not be to blame. There could be a plumbing problem that is causing the issue. Learn about some of the dirt-causing effects plumbing problems can cause.  1. Shower Rings  A ring around the base of the shower is almost always an indication of a drain issue. Showers are designed for the water to instantly flow out the shower through the drain. Read More 

Repairing Sewer Pipe Damage With Sewer Pipe Lining

Damage to the sewer line in your home can be costly and time-consuming to replace. Often, equipment is needed to excavate the pipe, and the process can tear up your yard and be very inconvenient. Sewer pipe lining may be an excellent alternative for you, and the procedure is much less invasive.  Signs of Sewer Line Problems Over time, sewer lines can develop cracks, leaks, or damage to the interior of the line that can affect the flow of water and material through the line. Read More 

A Homeowner’s Checklist: Annual Plumbing Inspection

Spring and early summer is the perfect time to check your home for potential plumbing problems. After a long winter, replete with temperature fluctuations and more people indoors using the system, problems can begin to surface. Performing your own annual inspection ensures you catch potential issues so you can have them repaired before major damage occurs. Indoor Faucets and Fixtures Leaking faucets are more than annoying, they waste water and will eventually lead to bigger issues if you don't address the issue. Read More 

Debunking 3 Common Myths About Residential Drain Maintenance

No homeowner wants to deal with a clogged drain. Whether in a sink drain, a shower drain, or any other type of drain, a clog can create major headaches and even possible water damage (if flooding occurs). Unfortunately, many clogged drains and other residential drain problems occur as a result of poor maintenance. By understanding some of the most common drain-maintenance myths, you can avoid making costly mistakes in your own home. Read More