Can Maintenance Make Your Air Conditioner More Efficient?

Everyone loves to save money, but it's even better when you can reduce your utility bills without spending a fortune upfront. Unless your air conditioning system is brand-new or you take meticulous care of it, a few simple maintenance tasks can likely help to improve its efficiency drastically. Keep reading to discover four ways that deferred maintenance might be costing you money. 1. Clogged Filters Affect More Than Air Quality Read More 

Three Reasons For Well Failure

When you open a tap in your home, you expect water to come out immediately. If you are on well water and it seems that the water is just a trickle or that there is no water at all, one of the following issues could be the problem. 1. Equipment Malfunction A water well depends on several components other than the pump in order to move water into your home. The most likely points of failure are in the electrical system or within the valves. Read More 

It Can’t Wait: Four Signs You Need An Emergency Plumber Now

While most plumbing situations are not an urgent matter, emergency plumbing is a completely different matter. Speed is of the essence in these scenarios, and the quicker a plumber can arrive at your doorstep, the faster the problem can be resolved and the less damage that will happen to your home. With any luck, you most likely won't need to call an emergency plumber very often, but if you see any of the five scenarios outlined below, don't hesitate. Read More 

Is A Water Softener Necessary? The Advantages Of Getting One Installed

You might have been advised to get a water softener installed. The installation process is simple when completed by a skilled plumber. Before you have a water softener installed, you should know of all the advantages associated with getting one. Avoid Damage Caused by Hard Water When you do not have a water softener installed, hard water can cause stains to develop on different surfaces, including your bathtub and sink. This can leave an unsightly appearance that makes it look like your tub and sink are not clean, even after you have taken the time to scrub them down with assorted cleansers. Read More 

A Homeowner’s Checklist: Annual Plumbing Inspection

Spring and early summer is the perfect time to check your home for potential plumbing problems. After a long winter, replete with temperature fluctuations and more people indoors using the system, problems can begin to surface. Performing your own annual inspection ensures you catch potential issues so you can have them repaired before major damage occurs. Indoor Faucets and Fixtures Leaking faucets are more than annoying, they waste water and will eventually lead to bigger issues if you don't address the issue. Read More