Preparing Your Home’s Heating And Plumbing For Extended Winter Vacancy

If you're a person who likes to take long winter vacations of at least a month or more, or you have a home that you only use in the warmer months, then you need to prepare your plumbing and heating systems for the winter. Leaving the home vacant for long periods during freezing weather may have serious consequences if you haven't had it prepared. Anything that stores water, even a small amount, can potentially freeze and burst. Read More 

Preparing Your Home for the Winter to Come

It's never too early to start preparing for the next major temperature shift, and getting ready for winter is no different. Before the first cold snap hits it's a good idea to address a number of maintenance issues, as well as any repairs or upgrades for your HVAC. Depending on your home, there may be some other preparations to consider as well. Winter Preparations for Early Fall By the time warmer days have begun to come less frequently you'll want to begin planning for some of your major to-do list tasks. Read More 

3 Important Things To Know About Gas Leaks With Appliances

There are a number of reasons to call an emergency plumber, but one of the most critical times is when you have a gas leak with one of your appliances. If you smell gas near your stove or dryer, you should immediately call a plumber to come fix the problem. This is typically relatively easy to fix, but it could be dangerous if left unrepaired. How To Detect A Gas Leak Read More 

Heating & Cooling Buildings More Cheaply and Efficiently

If you're like many Canadians, then you're always looking for ways to save money on your heating and cooling costs.There have been numerous advancements in the heating and cooling industry, which all have the same goal in mind: super energy efficiency coupled with optimal performance. Here is an overview of some of the most cutting-edge new systems that can benefit both home and business owners:  Hybrid heating & cooling systems Read More 

How Do You Know If You Have A Main Sewer Line Clog And How To Fix It

A main sewer clog is arguably one of the worst things that could happen to a homeowner. If left long enough, sewage could end up flooding your backyard, which is unpleasant to say the very least. Knowing the early signs of a clogged sewer could potentially save you thousands of dollars and perhaps even your sanity. How to Diagnose a Clog When attempting to diagnose a main sewer line clog, the first sign is generally a combination of sight and sound. Read More