The Essential Toolkit For Maintaining Plastic Plumbing Systems

New homes, renovations, and remodeling projects are sometimes completed with plastic plumbing systems. If you wanted to save on plumbing materials, you may have chosen to use a plastic pipe system as an alternative to copper pipes. With plastic plumbing, repairs and maintenance are going to require special tools. Here are the essential tools to put in your maintenance toolbox for plastic pipe systems: 1. Snips and Cutting Tools to Cut Lengths of Pipe Read More 

Signs That Your Hot Water Heater May Need To Be Replaced

The hot water heater in your home is one of the more commonly overlooked items, but it gets noticed very quickly if it stops working. Because people often never give it a thought, there may have been signs that it was failing that went unnoticed for a long time. Taking the time to do a quick inspection of the water heater may save you from a failure that could have been avoided. Read More 

A Portable Potty Comes To The Rescue When Your Septic System Fails

You may think portable potty rentals are just for constructions sites and concerts. However, you can rent a portable potty for use at your home too. You might want to do this when you're having work done on your septic tank or drainfield and can't use your toilets indoors for several days. A portable potty also comes in handy if you need to delay installing a new septic system due to weather conditions or some other reason. Read More 

3 Subtle Signs That Your Kitchen Sink’s Drain Is Clogging Up

If you suspect that your kitchen sink's drain may be clogging up, you may wonder if there is any other way to tell if there is a blockage before it completely stops up. If so, look for one or more of the following subtle signs that your kitchen drain is clogging up: Sounds Of Gurgling From The Drainage Pipe After you drain your dishwater, you may start hearing a gurgling sound coming from the drainage pipe under the sink. Read More 

Top 4 Signs It May Be Time To Replace Your Air Conditioner

When you live in a hot climate, an air conditioner is good working condition is essential to keeping your home cool and comfortable. Unfortunately, like all appliances, an air conditioning unit will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. If you know the warning signs of a failing air conditioner, you can plan to have it replaced before it ceases to work completely. Some of the most common signs that you need a new air conditioning unit include: Read More