This Is Why You Should Never Overlook a Leak Around the Base of the Toilet

When problems in the bathroom happen, people tend to either leap to get help or put it off. It usually depends on the seeming severity of the problem. For example, a toilet pouring over onto the floor that can't flush is definitely something most people would call a plumber for. But if you have a minor leak appearing around the base of the toilet, you might consider putting it off. You really shouldn't, though. Read More 

Installing A Gas Line? Follow These Tips

Do you need to install a new gas line in your home? You may be moving your hot water heater to a new location or replacing your electric furnace with one powered by gas. Here are some tips to ensure that installing the gas line goes smoothly. Use Pipe Joint Compound It's very important that you use a pipe joint compound when putting together two sections of pipe with a fitting. Read More 

Adding Plumbing To A Newly Built Home

When you are having a home built, it will be important to pay attention to all of the details that will need to go into the design of the new home. In particular, the plumbing systems will need ample attention during the design and construction process if you are to avoid significant problems once you move into the home. Perform A Water Quality Test Before Choosing Plumbing Fixtures There are many plumbing fixtures that will need to be attached to your plumbing system. Read More 

Can Maintenance Make Your Air Conditioner More Efficient?

Everyone loves to save money, but it's even better when you can reduce your utility bills without spending a fortune upfront. Unless your air conditioning system is brand-new or you take meticulous care of it, a few simple maintenance tasks can likely help to improve its efficiency drastically. Keep reading to discover four ways that deferred maintenance might be costing you money. 1. Clogged Filters Affect More Than Air Quality Read More 

Three Reasons For Well Failure

When you open a tap in your home, you expect water to come out immediately. If you are on well water and it seems that the water is just a trickle or that there is no water at all, one of the following issues could be the problem. 1. Equipment Malfunction A water well depends on several components other than the pump in order to move water into your home. The most likely points of failure are in the electrical system or within the valves. Read More