3 Possible Reasons Why Your Tankless Water Heater Isn’t Working Properly

When you first purchased your tankless water heater, you were probably pretty happy about the prospect of enjoying a non-stop stream of hot water. Now that you are having trouble with your tankless water heater, though, you could be wondering what to do next. There are actually various reasons why your tankless water heater might not be working like it's supposed to; these are some of the common issues that might be at play, but of course, you will want to have your tankless water heater checked out by a water heater repair professional so that you can find and solve the problem.

1. Your Demand Is Too High

One thing that you should know about tankless water heaters is that they do have their limitations when it comes to output. There are smaller units that should only be used to provide hot water for just one area of the house. Of course, there are also bigger tankless water heaters that can be hooked up to multiple bathrooms and the kitchen. If you have a smaller unit but are using it to provide hot water for more than one area of the house, then you might need to either purchase a second tankless water heater or replace your existing tankless water heater with a bigger one that has a higher output. A professional can help you determine if your tankless water heater is appropriately sized for your home. In the meantime, reducing demand—such as by not using hot water in multiple rooms of the house at one time—can help.

2. There Is Mineral Buildup

Whether you have a tankless water heater or a more traditional water heater, there is the possibility of mineral buildup becoming a problem. You can help fight this by cleaning your tankless water heater as recommended by the manufacturer. If you have not kept up with this, then the mineral buildup inside your tankless water heater might be causing problems. When this happens, you'll need to hire a pro to help you clean the unit of mineral building and repair any related damage so that you can start using it again.

3. One or More Parts Are Worn Out

In some cases, the parts inside a tankless water heater break down from heavy use. If this happens, such as if you use your tankless water heater a lot or if the unit is older, then you will probably need to hire a tankless water heater repair professional to come out and find and repair the problem. Determining which parts are malfunctioning and how to replace them can be tough, but someone who has experience with tankless water heaters should be able to help you with this with no problem.

For more information, contact tankless water heater repair services in your area.