3 Good Reasons To Sign Up For A Service Membership With A Plumbing Service

While the majority of homeowners will only call on a plumber when they need help and never consider any other level of service, there are some plumbing contractors and companies that offer service memberships. Service memberships are contracted service agreements between you and the plumber. Normally, you will pay a small monthly fee or annual membership amount and gain access to several advantageous levels of service. Take a quick look at some of the reasons it can be a good idea to sign up for a service contract with a professional plumbing contractor or company in your area. 

Get priority service when you have an issue.

One of the best advantages of getting a service membership with a plumbing service is members take priority over other standard customers. Many plumbers offer attractive guarantees. For example, some companies or service providers may guarantee that they will get to you and your plumbing issue within an hour during their standard hours of operation. In some cases, having a plumber right away can make a difference in whether or not you sustain water damage or end up with a massive problem. 

Get access to thorough assessments with your service contract. 

Many plumbers offer a bonus plumbing assessment when you sign up for a service membership. This assessment can grant you a detailed review of your plumbing components to check for things like: 

  • Toilet leaks or toilet functionality 
  • Drainage issues 
  • Faucet problems like leaks or low water pressure 
  • Washing machine connection issues 
  • The health of your hot water heater 

This detailed assessment can pinpoint issues with your home's plumbing system that may cause costly issues down the road. Normally, plumbers charge a fee for a diagnostic service call, but many memberships will get you this for free. 

Get discounts when you need plumbing-related repairs.

As a service member with a plumbing service, you may also get to reap savings when you do need help with a plumbing issue. For instance, the plumber may offer a 10 percent discount when you have a pipe in your home that needs to be repaired. While you may have to pay a small fee to be a member, these savings for discounts on service calls can really add up over the course of the year. Plus, knowing your service calls will not cost as much can help prevent you from prolonging service calls or trying to do things yourself when you really do need help.

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