Five Reasons To Consider Hydro Jetting For Drain Issues

Traditionally, drains clogs were cleared with an auger, which basically just pushed the clog through the drain and into the main sewer. Hydro jetting is a different method, which uses high pressure jets of water to clear out the drain lines. The following are five reasons why you should consider hydro jetting over traditional drain cleaning.

1. Thoroughness

Hydro jetting uses a long, flexible hose. This means that the jet gets into every nook and cranny of your  drain lines. With other methods, like an auger, the stiffer augering cable may not be able to reach every twist and turn in a drain line. This means some debris can be left behind, which makes it more likely to catch future debris coming down the drain line. This will result in a new clog. The flexible hydro jetting hose is also less likely to cause damage when compared to a stiffer augering cable.

2. Residue Removal

Residue such as grease, soap scum, and effluent can remain in the drain line after it is augered. This residue can then trap debris. This is especially true of sticky residue, like grease and soap scum. In no time at all you will have a new clog developing. The high pressure jet of water used in hydro jetting ensures that no residue is left on your pipes -- they truly are completely clean. You won't have worry about a new clog developing quickly.

3. Bacteria Reduction

Bacteria in your drain line may not be a concern from a health stand point, but bacteria filled drain lines are more likely to produce foul odors in your home. The same flexibility and high pressure that allows for thoroughness and the full removal of residue also ensures that any bacteria trapped in the drain lines is also flushed out of your home.

4. Non-invasive

Some methods of clog removal can be invasive, such as if you need to have a line dug up or if the clog is pulled back up the drain and into your home via the auger. Hydro jetting is much less invasive. The technician simply puts the hydro jet hose into the drain and blows it out with water. In some cases they may need to open an outlet valve in your yard or street to help reduce the pressure during jetting.

5. Cost Effective

Hydro jetting is one of the more cost effective methods of cleaning your drains. There is no charge to open up the pipes, which is where most of the savings are realized. Further, since the drains are thoroughly cleaned you are less likely to have costly plumbing problems later.

Contact a drain cleaning and hydro jetting service to learn more.