Adding Plumbing To A Newly Built Home

When you are having a home built, it will be important to pay attention to all of the details that will need to go into the design of the new home. In particular, the plumbing systems will need ample attention during the design and construction process if you are to avoid significant problems once you move into the home.

Perform A Water Quality Test Before Choosing Plumbing Fixtures

There are many plumbing fixtures that will need to be attached to your plumbing system. From water heaters and toilets to faucets, the quality of the water that flows into these devices can impact their performance as well as the lifespan of these units. If your home's water quality is low, you may need to invest in a water treatment system to raise the quality of the water or choose appliances that are better designed to account for hard or sediment-rich water.

Choose The Basement For Major Plumbing Appliances

The water heater, softening system and other major plumb fixtures should generally be placed in the basement of the home. This will require them to work harder to pump the water to the upper areas of the house, but it can provide invaluable if there were to be a major leak with these plumbing appliances. By placing these devices in the basement, you will avoid situations where water leaks out of the unit and drains through the rest of the home. Rather, any water that is able to leak out of the unit will stay in the basement.

Avoid Doing Plumbing Work On Your Own

Despite enjoying do-it-yourself projects, working on the plumbing of a home should always be left to a plumbing professional. This will be especially important when you are needing construction plumbing work done. Mistakes during the initial installation of the plumbing system can have long-lasting impacts on the home. For example, these mistakes can make the plumbing lines far more likely to leak or rupture.

Additionally, if the pipes are not properly balanced and secured, they could knock against supports when water flows through them and creates vibrations. Eventually, this can cause damage to the pipes.

In addition to these potential problems, many insurance companies and local building codes will require plumbing construction to be done by licensed professionals. Not only that, but using licensed professionals ensures that work is done correctly and according to building codes, and this will also allow this work to be done more quickly as a professional plumber will be experienced with designing and installing the piping needed for a modern plumbing system.