Meeting Your Match: Choosing The Right Plumber

You may be searching for the plumber of your dreams: the kind of plumber who responds quickly to your emergencies, charges a fair rate, and gives you free advice. What you are really looking for is the type of guy or girl you'd like to date. In fact, some people suggest marrying a plumber. Although you don't need to take that drastic of a step, you should look for the following qualities when you hire a plumbing professional. Read More 

Seemingly Weird Plumbing Problems And Their Solutions

One of the biggest mysteries is your home's plumbing systems. You can face so many different strange plumbing problems or scenarios that may seem completely illogical and just plain weird to you. However, generally speaking, there are usually straightforward explanations for even the strangest situations. Get to know a few of these seemingly weird plumbing problems and their solutions to help you better handle your home's plumbing. When You Run Your Dishwasher, Water Fills Up In The Sinks Read More 

Preparing Your Home’s Heating And Plumbing For Extended Winter Vacancy

If you're a person who likes to take long winter vacations of at least a month or more, or you have a home that you only use in the warmer months, then you need to prepare your plumbing and heating systems for the winter. Leaving the home vacant for long periods during freezing weather may have serious consequences if you haven't had it prepared. Anything that stores water, even a small amount, can potentially freeze and burst. Read More