When To Call A Plumber For A Drain Clog And How They Remove It

Clogged drains are a common plumbing problem. You might handle most clogs yourself with a plunger, but if you can't get it cleared, it will get worse, or the clog will keep coming back. Most likely, you need help from a plumber. Here are signs your drains need help, when to call a plumber, and what they can do about a serious obstruction.

Signs Your Drains Are Clogging

Any drain in your home can clog. The clog might be caused by lint from the washer, food, or grease from the kitchen. It could be paper and hair from the bathroom. Plus, hard-water scale and corrosion can build up inside the drains while making them prone to clogging. In addition, tree roots invading the sewer line are a common reason for drains to be stopped.

When a drain first starts building an obstruction, you may notice your sink or toilet is slower to empty. This is a good time to take action, rather than waiting for the drain to stop up completely. Another sign of a clog is when your toilet gurgles when you flush it. If your drains empty slowly or the sound changes, that's probably an indication of a clog developing.

Times To Call A Plumber

If plunging doesn't help, call a plumber to clear the line. In the case of tree roots, plunging has no effect, so you'll need a plumber to bring drain-cleaning equipment to do the job. Also, if you get the drain clear only to have it stop up again in a few weeks or months, there may be a problem the plumber needs to fix. You should get help with a toilet stop or the toilet might overflow on the floor when you flush it.

The Ways A Plumber Clears A Drain

There are two main tools for drain clearing. One is a water jet and the other is a drain auger. Between these two methods, the plumbing contractor can clear any type of clog, even a bundle of tree roots. The only time they may need to dig up a sewer line when it's clogged is when the drain is too fragile for the equipment. In that case, the drain probably needs to be replaced or lined anyway.

A water jet and auger work in different ways to get rid of a blockage. An auger cuts through a clog so it can be rinsed away or pulled out. A hydro jet cuts through the clog and washes it away. At the same time, the water jet scrubs the inside walls of the drain to get rid of buildup.

Your local plumber can handle just about any situation and get your drains moving again.